Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update on Mother Teresa

She's doing great! She had the surgery on Monday and it was a really painful surgery but she was brave! She's got two pretty cool scars. I told her to wear them proud and tell people they're 'battle scars'. She stayed in the hospital until Thursday and has been at a rehab hospital since. She is walking with her walker and amazing all of the staff at how good she's doing! It's been tough but it will make her life so much better from now on. She might kill me for saying this, but the drugs they gave her in the hospital made her hallucinate! I laughed so hard at her that I thought I cracked a rib! She was so funny!


Holly said...

Glad she's doing well!!! Nowe we can call her the bionic woman. . .and you too for that matter!

Jen in TX said...

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the update!