Friday, March 31, 2006

10th HS Reunion!!!

10 years out of High School doesn't seem possible! We're old!!!

So who's going to the Reunion? I would love to see all of you. Let me know and maybe we can all make plans to do something after the Reunion or the next day. :) If none of you are going--we can re-unite somewhere else!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Charity's Broken Arm

Hey guys,

I posted an update on my blog so just click on the link and check it out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Random - w/update!

Charity - I am so sorry about your arm and the pain. That really stinks.

I realized that no one had written anything in awhile and here I am bored at I might as well. It's snowing here now and I miss spring. Is our HS reunion this summer? I am getting conflicting reports on the matter.

update - I've just spoken to Leann (who is moving to Austin the same week as me - whee!) and it is on September 30th. Phew. I though it was in April and we wouldn't have been able to go...not that I'm sure I'm going anyways.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

From Charity

Yes, I did break my stinking arm. Fortunately, it's the left one though. 28 years without a broken bone or a trip to the ER is pretty good. Those who are squeamish should look away now. I was about 1 mile in and at the back of the park. No cars could get in so I either had to walk out or have 911 take me out on a stretcher which would have killed me with embarrassment. So I asked a man on a bicycle "Excuse me. I think I broke my arm. Can you tie my skates together and put them over my shoulder?" I can't believe how ridiculous that sounds now. He did and after I assured him I was fine to walk, he left. Finally Mindy me at the end of the trail (I had called her to come get me). She asked me how I knew it was broken so I tried to hold it up as best as I could for her to see it. It looks like those kids who are skateboarding and fall. When they get up, their arm is in a zig zag pattern. Mindy goes "Ya, it's broken alright". Anyways, I go to the doctor tomorrow to find out if I need surgery or get a cast. Suprisingly, it really doesn't hurt. I'll keep you posted and thanks for your prayers and laughter. It's ok to laugh, it really is kind of funny.

PS: I think Mindy somehow caused this because when the doctor said "bad break", Mindy goes "Yes! We have to switch cars!" Her's is a automatic Neon and mine is a 5 speed Celica.


We send our best to Charity who has had a *little* accident. I hope it's not your right arm.

p.s. I just posted this, but now see that Mindy has also posted - sorry guys.

Maybe she should try these...

For those of you who don't know, our poor Charity fell yesterday while enjoying a beautiful day at the park. Yes, she is injured, but I think she will survive. She made her first trip to the ER last night after making a heroic 1 mile walk out of the park; skates tied together and draped over her shoulder, only socks on her feet, holding her broken arm. Yes, Charity broke her arm. I have to admit it was pretty gross, but Charity is quite the trooper. She called me and I met her at the park to take her to the ER. Once at the hospital, with a lot of drugs on board, she was x-rayed, splinted, and sent home with some great pain medicine. She is at home resting now and will see a doctor soon. I know you would all want to know so you can pray for her. Yes, I said pray for her, not laugh at her. (She will probably kill me for posting this, so pray for me too.) So, post your comments and let her know you are praying.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Summer Sno Playlist

Top 3 Favorite Oldie Songs Played at Summer Sno. . .

Mine are:

1. California Dreamin' - Mama's and the Papa's (All the leaves are brown. . .)
2. Hey Jude - The Beatles
3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens

Thursday, March 02, 2006

How we've changed

Everyone post a response and state the three things that are different about you since high school that we would be suprised at. Here's mine:

1. I am not obsessive about my weight anymore.
2. I went to college to take over Mary Hart's job on entertainment and ended up working in foster care making very little money.
3. I want to raise my children in Burleson.

When Boys Grow Up to Be Bloggers

Well, I have caved into the intense pressure to enter the world of blogging even though I do it with much fear and trembling. So, let me start us off on the right foot...

Top 5 most feared phrases heard at Summer Snow:

5) Make sure you lock up and bring the money if you see a funnel cloud headed toward you.
4) Can I get a rainbow with five different flavors?
3) The place down the street gave me extra syrup for FREE!
2) I want a small but can you put it in a jumbo cup.
1) The ice machine is frozen again... somebody get the spray bottle.

Honorable Mention: "It's slow so you're working alone today."

PS I had nothing to do with the links under my name. Thanks Jess.